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The Foreigner and the Residence Permit


The website was created with the aim of providing support to all those who, for various reasons, deal with the issue of immigration. The site includes a section where you can find answers to the most common questions regarding this topic, another where you can interact with other users and a third to make an appointment at the section Immigration of the Commissariat of P.S. of Marsala, for the withdrawal of the residence permit, if the procedure had been started at the aforementioned office, as well as for other types of services offered.

HERE are the topics that will be mostly dealt with on the site.



Residency Permit

The irregular migrant ( Let's do some clarity )

Immigration is the permanent or temporary transfer of individuals or groups of people to a country or place other than that of origin




EXTERNAL RESOURCE to a professional journal of legal and social sciences on the legal status of foreigners, immigration, citizenship and asylum.

App and Utility

In this section you will find some Android Apps, to be installed on your smartphone and other Utilities.

Questions Answers

This section of the site contains a series of questions, which already include an answer. If you don't find the right answer to your question, go to the "Community" section.

Check Permit

Check if your residence permit is ready, thanks to this EXTERNAL RESOURCE. If so, access the section of the site called "Appointments" and book and then go to the Immigration Office of the P.S. of Marsala and to be able to withdraw your permit.


If you have already checked that your residence permit is ready, make an appointment for collection. 


Per le richieste di informazioni cliccare sul pulsante “Contatti” posto in alto a destra di ogni pagina del sito..



"The entry visa is the act by which a State grants a foreign individual permission to enter its territory, for a certain period of time and for certain purposes."

Residency Permit

"The residence permit, in administrative law and in international law, is a document issued by an administration of a state to a foreign individual; with the related title, the citizen of a foreign state is allowed to stay in the national territory for periods of duration longer than those normally provided for by a visa. "


"Italian citizenship is the condition of the natural person (called an Italian citizen) to whom the legal system of Italy recognizes the fullness of civil and political rights. Italian citizenship is mainly based on the ius sanguinis."

Immigration section of the police station of p.s. of marsala




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