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Residence Permit Renewal

The renewal of a residence permit allows you to obtain a new permit of varying duration. It can be requested by means of a Postal Kit to be presented at an authorised 'Sportello Amico' post office or at the Questura.

  • From Work to Work
  • Renewal of Subsidiary Protection
  • Renewal of Special Protection
  • Other Types

Long-Term Residence Permit (10 years)

The Long-Term Residence Permit allows you to obtain a 10-year permit, but you need certain requirements that are different from those needed for a normal renewal.

Residence Permit Update

Updating the Permit of Stay is required in cases where one's residence has been changed from one province to another, when one moves house, perhaps to apply for reunification or family reunification, when one's passport has been renewed, or when one's personal data have changed. 

Duplicate residence permit

A duplicate residence permit is requested in the event of theft, loss, deterioration, of the old permit. The expiry date of the new permit will be the same as that of the old permit that was stolen, lost, etc.

Compilation of Postal Kit

Filling in the Postal Kit is an operation that requires a certain degree of attention. In fact, it often happens that due to incorrect filling in of the kit, the file cannot be acquired at the Immigration Office counters. It will then have to be unblocked and a new appointment will have to be scheduled.

Personal Data Certificates

  • Certificate of residence
  • Certificate of family status

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