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foreigners who are accompanied to the immigration office of the police station of p.s. of marsala and which have already been subjected to identification, must have the following:

  1. Stamp duty of 16.00 euros;
  2. Nr. 04 Passport-sized Photographs;
  3. Declaration of Hospitality drawn up by the "Center" where the foreigner lives;
  4. Appointment of the Guardian (only in the case of an unaccompanied minor). If the guardian has not yet been appointed, submit a request for the appointment of the guardian of the person accompanying the foreigner. If the guardian is unable to accompany the minor, a third person may be delegated, but this delegation must be made by the Mayor of the Municipality where the minor is staying;
  5. Judge's decision (in case of appeal) - (for minors decree of the Juvenile Court)
  6. Decision of the Territorial Commission (in case of positive result).

Regarding the point 6, the Territorial Commission can reach the following conclusions:

  • Recognition of refugee status
  • Recognition of subsidiary protection
  • Special protection

In the cases listed above, in addition to the documents already indicated, it will be necessary to produce a bulletin of € 30.46 

Additional types of permits provided for foreigners hosted in the communities:

1. ASSIGNMENT: PSE Bulletin euro 30.46 (if of age euro 70.46 for permits valid for up to 12 months or euro 80.46 for permits valid for more than 12 months and up to 24 months.

2. MINOR AGE: Issuance of residence permit in paper format is expected (see documents from point 1 to point 6)

3. ASYLUM REQUEST: Issue of residence permit in paper format is expected (see documents from point 1 to point 6)

4. REASONS FOR STUDY: PSE Bulletin euro 70.46 (permit valid for up to 12 months) - (see documents from point 1 to point 6)

Visit also the section “Residence Permit Conversion

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