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In this section of the site you have the opportunity to find answers to various questions concerning the topic of immigration.

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To check if your residence permit is ready for delivery, click HERE and enter your case number or the policyholder code.

For this type of permit, you do not need to go to the Post Office, but directly to the Immigration Office of the P.S. of Marsala. For booking, just click HERE.

To obtain this title, you must reside regularly in the Italian territory for a period of not less than five years and you must not be absent from the country for a period of ten months, even if not continuous, the ten months mentioned above refer to the last five years. 

For the aforementioned title, you must go to the authorized Post Office (Sportello Amico), which will forward the application. A copy of the necessary documentation will be acquired on site.

This documentation, once the appointment has been obtained from the Post Office, must be presented to the Immigration Office in original, for viewing.

In any case, the documents to be included in the Postal KIT are as follows:

  • Historical residence certificate was of family status;
  • Italian language test;
  • Pending charges;
  • Criminal records;
  • Accommodation contract;
  • Employment contract and income tax return (minimum 6000 euros if the applicant has no dependent family members);
  • Hospitality Communication;
  • Passport.

For the entry of your family members into the Italian territory, you will need to go to the Single Desk for immigration located in Trapani, where you will submit the application. 

In this case, both spouses must present themselves at the Immigration Office of the Marsala Commissioner, before regular booking, in order to submit the application for the issuance of the Residence Permit. The reservation can be made by clicking HERE.

You will need to present:

  • titre de séjour ou récépissé de demande de libération / renouvellement
  • identity card
  • fiscal Code
  • self-certification of residence or declaration of actual residence 

Remember that registration with the SSN will have the same duration as the residence permit.

To apply for a residence permit for a foreign minor born in Italy, the parent's residence permit must be updated.

The request must be submitted to the Immigration Office, through the authorized Post Office, by filling in the appropriate form (kit).

With the birth certificate, the kit shipment receipt and the parent's residence permit, you must request temporary registration with the health service from the competent local health authority.

Documents to be attached (also to be presented in original) are the following:

  • € 16 revenue stamp
  • Photocopy of the passport of the parent and children already registered (only the pages with stamps and visas)
  • Photocopy of Parents' residence permits + photocopy of any permits of other children.
  • permit
  • Photocopy of the parent's tax code
  • Photocopy of the child's passport to be entered on the parents' permission
  • Photocopy of the birth certificate (with the particulars of the parents) issued by the Municipality.

For the shipping of the envelope (kit) from the authorized post office.

  • لشحن الظرف (الطقم) من مكتب البريد المعتمد.
  • Pay € 30.46 by postal order for the parent's electronic permit and, again, by postal order, € 30.46 for each child already registered or who will be registered on the parent's permission
  • Note: The minor under 14 registered on the permission of both parents pays a single postal order of 30.46 euros
  • Send the envelope paying 30 euros for the practice
  • Collect the kit shipment receipt, tax payment receipt and an appointment with the Police Headquarters.

first and foremost, if you feel you are having lost the residence permit the first thing you need to do is file a complaint to the police, for example by going to the Police or the Carabinieri. Same thing you have to do if you think your residence permit was stolen.

After the report, you will need to submit a request to the post office, by filling out the appropriate form that will be delivered to you (so-called form 209 or model 1).

The form must be completed in full, specifying that the intention is to request a duplicate of the residence permit. One must be applied to the model revenue stamp of 16 euros and attached a photocopy of the passport or other valid identification document, as well as, of course, the copy of the loss report. In addition to the € 16 brand, you will also have to pay 30 EUR by way of dispatch of the application (it is an insured post).

Once the procedure specified above has been completed, you will get an appointment from the Post Office for the Immigration Office of the Police Headquarters and at this point, on the day of the appointment you will have to present the post office receipt and 4 passport photos, you will also be submitted to the fingerprint relief

You will have to go to a Police Office, together with the owner of the property, within 48 hours of signing the contract, in order to complete and sign the building sale form.

Alternatively, the owner can send the documentation, via PEC, to the address of the Commissariat.


Absolutely not! If you presented the KIT for the renewal of your residence permit and then went to the Post Office, the latter will be responsible for making an appointment at these offices by means of a registered letter, which will be delivered to your home and where the day and time at which you will have to show up to start the application for the Residence Permit will be indicated.

You will need to go to the Immigration Office of the Police Headquarters of the place where you reside and start the procedure to request the issuance of the Residence Permit, with all the necessary documentation relating to the type of permit you requested. 

The request for Special Protection can be requested directly at the Police Headquarters, even outside the procedures envisaged for International Protection. 

In any case, you will have to submit a written application, (for the correct compilation of the same, you can contact the Immigration Office of the Marsala Commissariat, if you reside here, or contact anyone who can help you fill it in). Once the application has been submitted to the Police Headquarters, it will be sent to the Territorial Commission, which will express a binding opinion within 30 days. This does not mean that you will obtain the permit within the aforementioned 30 days, as in the event of a positive outcome, your practice will still have to be subjected to checks and follow the normal bureaucratic procedure. 

The Territorial Commission, having assessed the case, could also decide to grant you International Protection, in which case you will be informed of the possibility of submitting an asylum application.

Per effettuare la richiesta si deve essere in possesso di un reddito proprio.  Solo il coniuge o il genitore a carico possono fare la domanda di permesso UE, utilizzando il reddito del marito o del figlio, purchè questi ultimi siano in possesso di permesso UE o lo stiano chiedendo. 

Absolutely not. To apply for the title, he must be economically autonomous.

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