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Primo Dirigente della Polizia di Stato, dott. Carlo MOSSUTO – Dirigente del Commissariato di P. S. di Marsala


Commissariato di P. S. di Marsala.

Commissario Capo della Polizia di Stato dott. Gabriele CANNIZZO – Vice Dirigente del Commissariato di P. S. di Marsala


The name of the street of the P.S. of Marsala. From Via G. Verdi to Via Emanuela LOI, Victim of the Mafia Massacre in Via D'Amelio in 19.07.1992

The website is not managed by any company, agency or other, it is managed by the staff of the Immigration Section of the Commissariat of P.S. of Marsala, with the sole purpose of providing some totally FREE services.

The services offered on the site, which moreover allow access to external resources of undoubted usefulness, revolve around the theme of immigration, with the aim of providing support to all those who have an interest in obtaining a residence permit, citizenship Italian, the entry visa or other information in the field of immigration. The answers can be obtained in various ways, by consulting the pages of the site and taking advantage of the services offered such as the Contact Form, the Forum, the Questions and Answers section.

The staff behind the website is competent, professional and qualified and will certainly be able to satisfy requests by providing comprehensive answers.


The Facebook group was created with the aim of providing support to all those who in various ways embrace the theme of immigration.



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