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LEGAL AND THEIR ASSISTED (Reserved for lawyers only)

Reserved only for those who are assisted by a lawyer

Reserved for those who are independent ، who do not live in a reception center and who are not assisted by a lawyer.

It is NOT necessary to make an appointment, but to present the postal kit, in the cases indicated HERE!! (CLICK)

If you have already submitted the Postal KIT, YOU DO NOT HAVE TO MAKE AN APPOINTMENT ON THIS PORTAL.

Reserved only for those staying in a reception center, whatever the practice to be instructed. To withdraw the permit, click on the link “Ritiro Permesso di Soggiorno”.

Reserved only for the collection of the Residence Permit, which must be “ready for delivery”. No other types of appointments will be approved.

Reserved only for the Communication of Hospitality / Property Transfer. The appointment must be fixed only by those who are entitled to it.



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